Robert DOWLING | Larratong, of Cape Grim, Van Diemen's Land

England 1827 – England 1886
Australia 1834-1857, 1884-1886

Thomas BOCK
after England 1790 – Australia 1855
Australia from 1824

Larratong, of Cape Grim, Van Diemen's Land 1853-54 or 1854-56
oil on board
image 14.0 (h) x 14.0 (w) cm
The British Museum, London , Gift of Admiral Sir Leopold McClintock's family 1924


Dowling’s oil portraits of Tasmanian Aborigines differ from the watercolours by Thomas Bock, on which they were based, by the addition of atmospheric or landscape backgrounds—suggesting that Dowling planned to use them in full figure groups with extensive landscape settings.