DETAIL : John Singer SARGENT, The fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy 1907, The Art Institute of Chicago, American Art Collection DETAIL : John Singer SARGENT, Almina, daughter of Asher Wertheimer 1908, Tate, London, presented by the widow and family of Asher Wertheimer in accordance with his wishes in 1922
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  Self Portraits
  Light, colour and texture
  Modern influences
  Traditional influences
This section of the site provides resources for primary and secondary school educators.

Student educational resource for use on-line
The menu on the right filters works of art from the Exhibition The Edwardians; secrets and desires, displaying only those works of art selected for that category.

Student educational resource for use in the exhibition
Trails for Primary and Secondary students (study sheets) are available to be downloaded and printed for use during a visit to the exhibition.

Worksheets for Primary and Secondary students can be downloaded and printed. They direct the students to certain works from the categories in the menu to the right, posing questions for students to respond to on the worksheet.

For teachers
   Education Kit (800KB PDF)
   Search site
For primary students
   Worksheet (40KB PDF)
For secondary students
   Worksheet (90KB PDF)

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