Hans HEYSEN | Morning mist

Germany 1877 – Australia 1968
Australia from 1884; Europe, England 1899-1903

Morning mist 1918
watercolour on paper
26.4 (h) x 32.1 (w) cm
Private Collection


‘I used to be up and about as early as I could—while the weather held … It was jolly cold some mornings when the frost was thick on the grass: I could hardly hold the charcoal, my fingers were so stiff. It was always light I was after; sometimes the mist behind and through the trees … This little valley right in front of the house has the property of remaining damp quite a long time in the mornings, so that the mist would remain there much longer than on the surrounding country. That would give me a chance of studying the light, the eastern light.’

Hans Heysen, 1966–67