DETAIL : Jimmy BAKER 'Katatjita' 2006 synthetic polymer paint on canvas, Courtesy of Marshall Arts Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery, � Jimmy Baker
Jimmy BAKER | Katatjita

BAKER, Jimmy
Australia 1913 /1917
Katatjita 2006
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
142.0 (h) x 201.5 (w) cm
Courtesy of Marshall Arts Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery
© Jimmy Baker

Kanpi Tjukurpa (Dreaming story from Kanpi). This place is called Katatjita. It’s a rock hole underground. It’s like a big underground cave inside. There is one woman sitting inside, she’s from the Tjukurpa (Creation Time). Her name is Malilu. She’s frightened and hiding in the cave. The man was trying to sleep with her but she said wanti (no). The man speared her many times and she fled to the safety of the cave.

Jimmy Baker, 2007