DETAIL : Sean SCULLY Ireland 1945  Robe figure, 2003 2003 Painting oil on canvas
Sean SCULLY | Durango, 1990

Ireland 1945
to Great Britain 1949, to United States of America 1975
Durango, 1990 1990
oil on Linen
canvas 289.5 (h) x 457.2 (w) x 15.9 (d) cm
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf
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[When] I broke, when my parents broke with the Catholic Church and took me out of [Catholic school] because there was a big fight about them working seven days a week, I went to a state school and this was a traumatic shock for me. So I was moved from a world of ideas and a world that was quite delicate, where the children were quite delicate, into a world that was grey, hard, spiritually empty and very violent — the state school in other words. I can describe it to you in colour. One was black, white and red and the one I entered was grey and it was made of stone and it was very frightening to me and I think that’s when my … need to replace that sense of loss began.

Sean Scully, interview with Irving Sandler, February 1997, Sean Scully: Paintings (exhibition catalogue), Manchester: Manchester City Art Gallery, 1997, pp. 34–47 (p. 34).

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