Matthew Harding, Phyllotaxis 2002-2003, spun mirror-polished stainless steel (Detail)
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Matthew CURTIS | Segmented structure

CURTIS, Matthew, artist
Great Britain 1964
Australia from 1981
Segmented structure 2002
blown glass segments, metal base
240 (h) x 29 (w) x 29 (d) cm
Courtesy of Axia Modern Art, Melbourne; Australian Art Resources, Sydney; Quadrivium, Sydney and Beaver Galleries, Canberra
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Segmented Structure is a development within my practice from ideas which intermittently engage my imagination. The source of the imagery merges a recurring interest in producing work out of component pieces, whilst addressing a fascination with intriguing forms in nature. Here the ambiguity of this jointed form conveys an echo of organic structures from time immemorial. The strange juxtaposition of the material of glass to this organically influenced structure brings, with its translucence, an eerie and fascinating dynamic.

I have worked with glass for over a decade, blowing glass objects with teams of inspirational and dedicated practitioners, working in glass blowing studios, as well as in glass sculpting studios. Whilst working within these vibrant studio environments I have been able to develop my work both technically and aesthetically.

The practice of combining and constructing similar components to form a larger structure is a theme I keep returning to. The construction of this glass form explores a new scale within my work, whilst intending to retain a minimalist yet intricate profile. These themes form a challenge to realise a structure which is informed by nature, yet expressed in glass. By assembling the individual blown glass segments I intended to achieve a certain geometry and tension. The process of sculpting the surface creates a translucence, achieving a veiled surface where one can experience the depth of the transparent material and a glow from the interior shaft of red glass. The resulting form employs a fusion of techniques and contemporary expression, whilst encouraging the exploration of the imagination and notions of spatiality.

During this particular project I worked closely with my partner Harriet, in expanding and realising this form both conceptually and practically, as well as our endeavours to juggle our other wonderfully all-consuming past-time—our young son Oscar.

Matthew Curtis, November 2002

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