DETAIL: Fred FISHER 'Tilt' 2005, MDF synthetic polymer paint

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A. Interactive
Read the artist’s statements by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman and Lachlan Warner. Describe the different ways you can interact with their sculptures. List three ways in which these sculptures differ.

B. Found materials
What materials were used by these two artists? Describe any similarities between their sculptures. What are the main differences?
What might you find in your own environment to create a sculpture?

C. New media
Why do you think works of art which are based on moving images are included in a selection of contemporary sculpture?

D. Visual elements

  • Line
    Compare the way Fred Fisher and Neil Taylor use line in their sculptures. What material would you use to make a sculpture that investigated line?
  • Volume
    Discuss how Mikala Dwyer’s use of materials challenges traditional ideas about sculpture. Look at two other sculptures in this section. Read the artist’s statements and reflect on how volume is explored in their work.
  • Repetition
    Juliana Bartulin and Nicole Byrne use unusual materials in their work. Read their statements and compare how these two artists use repetitive processes to create their sculptures.
    Think about how you might use familiar household material to construct a sculpture. What could it say about where and how we live?
  • Scale
    These two artists make miniature versions of real objects and places. Why do they do this and how does it affect the way we perceive their work?

E. Process
Carving, casting
and construction are considered to be three ‘traditional’ ways of making sculpture. How do these processes contribute to the meaning of the works in this section?
What do installations have in common with conventional sculpture? How do they differ?
Do you own objects that are important to you? What memories and associations do you have with these objects? How could you create an installation from them?
Ian Howard and Mona Ryder have selected objects of personal significance to them. Describe the main concept behind each of these installations.

F. Many artists in this exhibition explore personal, political and social issues through their sculpture

  • War
    Glen Clarke and Ewen Coates refer to violence in their sculptures. How might you make a comment about recent political events through art?
  • Environment
    The fragility of the environment is a concept that underlies many of the works in this exhibition. How does Bonita Ely combine both general and specific comments about the environment in her work?
  • Spirituality
    Choose two artists from this section and compare their concepts of spirituality.
    Imagine the sort of art you could make that would reflect your own spiritual beliefs
  • Identity
    Geoffrey Bartlett and Charles Robb investigate the idea of the self portrait. What are the main similarities and differences between these two sculptures? If you were going to make a three-dimensional self portrait what approach would you take? What would it look like?
  • Art history
    Contemporary artists often look back at previous art movements and sometimes make ironic references. Read the artist’s statement by Tony Schwensen and discuss how he refers to the work of an earlier artist. How does he make his own work relevant to today?
    What sort of ‘readymade’ would you select to make into a work of art?
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