DETAIL: Fred FISHER 'Tilt' 2005, MDF synthetic polymer paint
Christian DE VIETRI | Einstein's refrigerator 2nd law

DE VIETRI, Christian
Australia 1981
Einstein's refrigerator 2nd law 2004
fibreglass, polyurethane, metal, fridge
110.0 (h) x 245.0 (w) x 170.0 (d) cm
Courtesy of Goddard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth
VIEW: Artist's Statement |

Einstein’s refrigerator 2nd law is a crafted illusion of decay – a sculpted metamorphosis of a household fridge drifting into a semi-liquid transition state. Its form contradicts its function – the inner cooling mechanism of the fridge is counter-posed, yet not destroyed by its melting outer form. However, the work’s irony runs deeper than the expanding curves of its white, glossy surface. Fridges, the must-have consumer object, indirectly propagate the necessity of their own existence: the gas required to cool a fridge depletes the ozone layer, which in turn causes global warming. For every action, an equal and opposite reaction. Like the automobile or the washing machine, the fridge is an icon of modernity. An unsustainable philosophy of progress and consumerism associated with the ideal of modernity metaphorically collapses with the meltdown of its martyr, signifying a cathartic release into disorder.

Photography: Adrian Lambert, Acorn Photo Agency
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