DETAIL: Fred FISHER 'Tilt' 2005, MDF synthetic polymer paint
Kirsteen PIETERSE | Ravine

PIETERSE, Kirsteen
Scotland 1971
Australia from 2000
Ravine 2004
FomeCore construction
79.0 (h) x 70.0 (w) x 24.0 (d) cm
Courtesy of Martin Browne Fine Art, Sydney
VIEW: Artist's Statement |

The sculptures are models of constructed walkways that are in a state of disrepair and collapse. They are intended to be structures that would enable people to traverse ‘difficult’ landscape formations and features. At the same time the sculptures imply the landscape around them through their form, effectively the ‘positive’ form that fills the ‘negative’ space of the landscape.

A deliberate attempt has been made to present the structures as models. They are made from the commonly used architectural model-making material FomeCore, and are scaled down to tabletop size. Consequently, they draw on the assumptions of architectural models – to help visualise and sell projects yet to be realised. The presentation of the sculptures in an immaculate and clean form supports such inferences, yet the structures have evidently already existed and are failed structures.

These landscape structures pay a debt to the traditional treatments of classical landscapes in their formation. The structures are intended to evoke nostalgia, fear and unease, and to question our regard for, and relationship to, the landscape.

Photography: Exact Images Sydney
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