DETAIL: Fred FISHER 'Tilt' 2005, MDF synthetic polymer paint
Jon TARRY | Inversions one to two

England 1958
Australia from 1968
Inversions one to two 2004
plywood, synthetic polymer paint
2 elements, each (approx.) 180.0 (h) x 50.0 (w) x 30.0 (d) cm
The artist wishes to acknowledge the support of Matt Dickman, technical collaborator. This work is courtesy of Goddard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth and Bert Green Fine Art, Los Angeles and Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angeles.
VIEW: Artist's Statement |

Fire recently transformed the landscape around Canberra. In a moment the green terrain was rendered a deep blue carbon, ever-folding surface. This land was changed back to primary elemental form, back to a changing, ever-shifting same. This return to a primary element is shocking, shocking in speed and shocking as a reminder of the fragility of existence.

When measured, the human body occupies a relatively small volume, although the pursuit for space is unending. The ‘space appetite’ expands in multiple directions, consuming and engulfing with speed and veracity. The sculpture titled Inversions one to two explores form and structure; it is an architectural response to changing space and place.

Photography: Robert Frith
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