DETAIL: Toots ZYNSKY 'Pennellata' 2004, 'Filet de Verre' fused and thermoformed colour glass threads
Christopher ROBERTSON | William

ROBERTSON, Christopher
Australia 1957
To Canberra, ACT 1997
teapot 2004
stainless steel, 925 silver, satin box wood
fabricated, welded and cast
18.5 (h) x 13 (w) x 18.3 (d) cm
NGA 2004.412.A-C

Working as a designer and maker of furniture, jewellery, and metalwork, Christopher Robertson’s diversity of output is unified through his references to aspects of Australia’s natural environment. Following research into the use of native plants and woods, he combines wood with intractable materials, such as stainless steel. Robertson shows how poetic, formal concepts can result from coalescing geometric and organic materials and forms to create new solutions to familiar functional problems. While each of his objects is practical and functional, their tactile surfaces and witty use of materials and organic forms invite the user to explore their material and structural complexities.

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