DETAIL: Toots ZYNSKY 'Pennellata' 2004, 'Filet de Verre' fused and thermoformed colour glass threads
Nel LINSSEN | Necklace wave

The Netherlands 1935
Necklace wave 2005
reinforced paper, elastic thread
folded and pleated
4.0 (h) x 18.0 (w) x 18.0 (d) cm
Lent by Nel Linssen
Photographer: Peter Bliek

Nel Linssen takes an intuitive approach to her bracelets and necklaces made from paper; however, it is also an approach based on years of research and haptic knowledge. The relationship between wearer and viewer is the essence of Linssen’s jewellery, its articulation on the body enhancing and highlighting its colours and textures. While the wearer is aware of the sensuous nature and movement of the jewellery, the viewer is drawn to the constant visual changes to the work wrought by the slightest movement of the body. Light and shade play on the surface of thick coils that writhe around the wearer’s neck or arms, bringing a sense of solidity and weight. In this way Linssen’s work is evocative of traditional jewellery made from precious metals and stones, and belies its light paper construction. MH

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