DETAIL: Grace COSSINGTON SMITH,  'Interior in yellow', 1964, oil on composition board, National Gallery of Australia
Grace COSSINGTON SMITH | Things on an iron tray on the floor

Australia 1892 – Australia 1984
UK, Europe 1912-14; UK, Italy 1949-51
Things on an iron tray on the floor c.1928
oil on plywood
54.0 (h) x 69.5 (w) cm
Art Gallery of New South Wales Purchased 1967
© Art Gallery New South Wales
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By time she did this painting Cossington Smith had moved beyond her early art training with Dattilo Rubbo. She recalled that while her art teacher was concerned about depth in representing a scene, she had become more interested in depicting radiating, concentric forms in luminous colour. As she said: ‘In those days I saw things as a pattern expressed in colour. It was quite a natural thing. I didn’t force myself to do it … I believe you’ve got to have a feeling about what you want to paint. It’s half unconscious, but you do know what you don’t want to do’. (Interview with Alan Roberts, 1970)

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