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Jackson POLLOCK | Blue poles
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United States of America 1912 – 1956
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Blue poles [Number 11, 1952] 1952
enamel and aluminium paint with glass on canvas
OT 367
212.1 (h) x 488.9 (w) cm
signed and dated l.l., "Jackson Pollock 52";
(originally inscribed with a "3", subsequently painted over with a "2")
Purchased 1973
NGA 1974.264
© Jackson Pollock. Licensed by ARS & VISCOPY, Australia
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The purchase of Blue poles by the Acquisitions Committee of the Australian National Gallery in September 1973 for US$2 million ($A1 348 170 at the time of payment) precipitated a voluminous international press reaction about the implications of the sale for the art market. In compiling the bibliography, citations have been confined to references that discuss the painting. The more' sensational' aspects of the press reaction, and articles which focused on the implications of the sale for the art market, are documented in the introduction to this catalogue.

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