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Mark Henshaw, 'Printed light: photographic vision and the modern print', Issue No.39 Spring 2004, pp.20–25

Mark Henshaw, 'New acquisition: Der Krieg [War] by Otto Dix', Issue No.38 Winter 2004, pp.36–37

Jane Kinsman, 'New acquisition: RB Kitaj Los Angeles no.20', Issue No.36 Summer 20032004, pp.32–33

Brian Kennedy, 'Flaming Star: Andy Warhol’s Elvis', Issue No.35 Spring 2003, pp.29–32

Jane Kinsman, ‘After Image: Screenprints of Andy Warhol’, Issue No.35 Spring 2003, pp.33–40

Mark Henshaw, ‘First Impressions: The early history of lithography – A comparative survey’, Issue No.33 Autumn 2003, p. 33–38

Jane Kinsman, ‘The Big Americans: Albers, Frankenthaler, Hockney, Johns, Lichtenstein, Motherwell, Rauschenberg, Stella’, Issue No.31 Spring 2002, pp.17–20

Anthony White, ‘Sol LeWitt: Drawings, prints and books 1968–1988’, Issue No.30 Winter 2002, pp.33–38

Steven Tonkin, 'Cover to cover Sol Lewitt's artist's books', Issue No.30 Winter 2002, pp.38–46

Mark Henshaw, ‘Rough cuts: European figurative prints from Gauguin to Paladino’, Issue No.29 Autumn 2002, pp.33–41

Gary Hickey, ‘Views and viewpoints: Japanese landscape prints from the National Gallery of Australia collection in the exhibition Monet and Japan ’, Issue No.25 Autumn 2001, pp.12–22

Jane Kinsman, ‘Leon Kossoff and the art of redrawing’, Issue No.25 Autumn 2001, pp.37–38

Richard Wollheim ‘Learning from Poussin’, Issue No.25 Autumn 2001, pp.39–48

Mark Henshaw, ‘Off the page: Contemporary artists’ books from Picasso to Clemente’, Issue No.24 Summer 2000–2001, pp.25–36

Roy Forward, ‘The Universal Soldier: John Walker’s Passing Bells’, Issue No.20 Summer 19992000, pp.42–43

Brian Kennedy, ‘New acquisition: David Hockney A bigger Grand Canyon 1998’, Issue No.19 Spring 1999, p.13

Jane Kinsman, ‘Imagining the Grand Canyon’, Issue No.19 Spring 1999, pp.14–18

Jane Kinsman, ‘New acquisition: The Fountain. A print epic: Frank Stella and Ken Tyler’, Issue No.19 Spring 1999, pp.35–42

Christine Dixon, ‘Both Russian and Modern: Goncharova and Larionav’, Issue No.18 Winter 1999, pp.26–29

Jane Kinsman, ‘Matisse: The art of drawing’, Issue No.17 Autumn 1999, pp.16–17

Sandra Buckley, ‘Erotic (W)rapture: In Japanese woodblock prints’, Issue No.14 Winter 1998, pp.8–13

Gary Hickey, ‘UKIYO-E: The printmaker’s art perfected’, Issue No.14 Winter 1998, pp.14–15

Kathryn Weir, ‘Read My Lips: Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman’, Issue No.14 Winter 1998, pp.24–25

Jane Kinsman, ‘Dance Hall Days: French posters from Cheret to Toulouse-Lautrec’, Issue No.14 Winter 1998, pp.33–40

Gary Hickey, ‘Craig Hartley: Prints of the floating world’, Issue No.13 Autumn 1998, p.47

Jane Kinsman, ‘Private passion and public spirit: The Anthony R. Berg family gift’, Issue No.12 Summer 1997–1998, p.16

Jane Kinsman, ‘Picasso: The Vollard Suite’, Issue No.12 Summer 1997–1998, pp.43–45

Brian Kennedy, ‘New directions’, Issue No.12 Summer 1997–1998, p.5

Jane Kinsman, ‘New acquisition: International Art’, Issue No.10 Winter 1997, p.1819

Gary Hickey, ‘Latter masters of Ukiyo-e – Kuniyoshi & Yoshitoshi’, Issue No.9 Autumn 1997, pp.27–29

Christine Dixon, ‘Jasper Johns: Prints 1968–1980’, Issue No.9 Autumn 1997, pp.35–42

Christine Dixon & Roger Leong, ‘William Morris & Friends’, Issue No.7 Spring 1996, pp.35–42

Mark Henshaw, ‘Reflections on Lichtenstein’, Issue No.5 Autumn 1996, pp.34–36

Betty Churcher, ‘The National Gallery of Australia’, Issue No.3 Spring 1995, pp.24–30

Christine Dixon, ‘Drawing with Scissors: Jazz by Matisse’, Issue No.2 Winter 1995, pp.18–21

Betty Churcher, ‘Toulouse-Lautrec: A Life’, Issue No.2 Winter 1995, pp.52–54

Jane Kinsman and Cathy Leahy, ‘The wild ones: Expressionist prints from Munch to Beckmann’, Issue No.1 Autumn 1995, pp.43–50

Jane Kinsman, ‘That’s the way I see it: David Hockney’, Issue No.1 Autumn 1995, p.55


'National Gallery News' – superseded by 'artonview'

Jane Kinsman, ‘Life Class: Jane Kinsman talks to Betty Churcher about her time at the RCA’, Issue November–December 1994, pp.23–27

Christine Dixon, ‘Victory over the sun: Russian books and prints’, Issue September-October 1994, pp.13–24

Jane Kinsman, ‘Dear Kitaj…’, Issue July–-August 1994, pp.28–-29

Christine Dixon, ‘Victory over the Sun: Russian books and prints 1912–1935’, Issue July–August 1994, p.31

Mark Henshaw, ‘African Prints: 22 January–10 April’,  Issue January–February 1994, pp.20–21

Roger Leong, ‘Dressed to Kill: 100 years of fashion. Works on paper: The Pochoir collection’, Issue November–December 1993, pp.2–5

Christine Dixon, ‘Joie de Vivre: Prints from the school of Paris 19 June–26 September’, Issue July–August 1993, pp.6–7

Jane Kinsman, ‘International Art’, Issue September–October 1992, p.19

Jane Kinsman, ‘Making a splash at the Australian National Gallery: David Hockney A Diver (17) from the Paper pools series 1978’, Issue September–October 1992, p.26


'Australian National Gallery Association News' superseded by 'National Gallery News'

Jane Kinsman, ‘William Morris and the Kelmscott Press’, Issue May–June 1992, pp.12–13

Christine Dixon, ‘Back to the Future: International prints 1985–1991’, Issue September–October 1991, p.6

Michael Desmond and Betty Churcher, ‘A New Acquisition: Pablo Picasso’s Le faune, 1946’, Issue July–August 1991, pp.2–3

Christine Dixon, ‘Manet to Matisse: French Illustrated Books’, Issue May–June 1991, pp.2–4

Alan R Dodge, ‘Is there meaning without content? Minimal art poses the question’, Issue November–December 1990, pp.8–9

Jane Kinsman, ‘Robert Kushner: Championing the Decorative in Contemporary Art’, Issue July–August 1990, p.6

Elizabeth Ruinard, ‘Art without tears: reading Georges Rouault’s Nude in Profile’, Issue January–February 1990, p.2

Jane Kinsman, ‘Come up and see our etchings: New directions for Jim Dine’, Issue January–February 1990, p.16

Jane Kinsman, ‘Karl Schmidt-Rottluff: Christ among the women’, Issue July–August 1989, p.16

Jane Kinsman, ‘Daumier’s Parisian Sketches’, Issue May–June 1989, p.15

Stephen Coppel, ‘Word as Image: Sonia Delaunay’s La Prose du Transsiberien’, Issue March–-April 1989, pp.2–3

Helen Ennis, ‘Felix man: Photographer and Print Collector’, Issue September–October 1988, p.8

Jane Kinsman, ‘A new style in Vienna’, Issue July–August 1988, p.7

Cathy Leahy, ‘Nineteenth Century Lithographs’, Issue May–June1988, pp.2–3

Pat Gilmour, ‘Edvard Munch’s Lasting Impressions’, Issue May–June 1988, p.4

Jane Kinsman, ‘A Season of British Graphic Art’, Issue January–February 1988, p.10–11

Jane Kinsman, ‘The Devil comes to Paris’, Issue November–December 1987, pp.8–9

Stephen Coppel, ‘Recent Acquisitions: Richard Hamilton’, Issue May–June 1987, pp.8–9

Pat Gilmour, ‘Recent Acquisitions: Pablo Picasso’, Issue November–December 1986, p.3

Jane Kinsman, ‘Recent Acquisitions: Thomas Barker’, Issue November–December 1986, p.6

Tony Palmer, ‘International prints & illustrated books: The artist as social critic’, Issue Winter 1986, p.18

Kay Vernon, ‘Visions of the Orient in the Nineteenth Century’, Issue Summer 1984–1985, p.8

Pat Gilmour, ‘Pablo Picasso: Vollard Suite’, Issue Winter 1984, pp.4–5 continued pp.10–11

Michael Lloyd, ‘Drawings’, Issue Summer 1982–1983, p.10