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Previous Page Parent Page Next Page Deacon�s mock video cover is a tongue-in-cheek satire of American war or mercenary-type action films that explores the positioning and objectification of the blak female body in photography and film. The term �blak�, coined by Deacon in 1991, is an attempt to reclaim colonial language by creating a means of self-determination and self-expression.
Accession No:
Artist: DEACON, Destiny
Birth/Death Country: Australia
Birth/Death Date: 1957
ATSI Region: Southeast
Sub-Region: Victoria
Specific Location: Melbourne
Artists Country: Erub (Darnley Island)
Language: K'ua K'ua
Title/date: Peach Blossom's Revenge 1995
Collective Title:
Technique: colour bubble jet print
Support: white photocopy paper
Size: comp 59.4 x 79.6 sheet 61.0 x 83.8
Credit Line: KODAK (Australasia) PTY LTD Fund 1996