MARCUS, Donna, 1960
Artist Biography

Teamwork 2, 2001
aluminium teapots, steel rod
300.0 cm x 1500.0 cm x 40.0 cm
Courtesy of Diane Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne

Teamwork 2 20011continues the work undertaken in Teamwork 1999 but extends this idea into more monumental proportions of a frieze which is fifteen metres in length. In this work, teapots become anthropomorphic creatures that crawl, slither, bounce and jump in a frozen moment on the wall. Constructed from hundreds of aluminium teapots, the creatures bear traces of another history, paleolithic rather than domestic, suggesting lost forms or even the soft bodies that once encased these massive vertebrae. In their corporate repetition, the 'team players' in Teamwork 2 direct the viewer to group psychology and modern management discourse, and the speculations they offer about individuals and their behaviour.

I have always liked the 'metalic-ness' of aluminium and in the first instance it was simply the look of the material that attracted me. The first pieces I bought were small silver jelly moulds. I loved the aeronautical quality of these domestic pieces. I have since become quite interested not only in the fact that aluminium is the material of kitchenware and aeroplanes (and even spaceships) but there is a history of recycling that links both. It isn't a coincidence that aluminium kitchenware became very popular after the Second World War, something had to be done with all those aluminium planes.

I love the idea of using waste and most of these pots come from recycling bins, opportunity shops, garage sales and tip shops. Friends and family are constantly helping to expand the reservoir of resources. In answer to the question how many teapots are in this piece, at this stage the team are still 'on retreat' and building numbers, but being a team player is not about the individual, it's all about 'teamwork'!

Donna Marcus, September 2001

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Teamwork 2, MARCUS, Donna, 2001, Courtesy of Diane Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne
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Teamwork 2, MARCUS, Donna, 2001, Courtesy of Diane Tanzer Gallery, Melbourne