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Please use the site search box directly above or in the top right hand corner of this page.

Our website and Google

The site search is provided by Google Enterprise search and supports all the search techniques that you have become familiar with when using Google.

For help with Google search, please see Google's Basic search and Advanced search help resources.

The site search offers a single point of discovery for the website in general as well as collection specific information.

A single point of discovery

In addition to searching the site it also offers the abilty to conduct a broad search across the collection database.

This allows you to locate—from a single point—collection items as well as the potentially broader range of related contextual material found throughout the site in one go.

The National Gallery of Australia's website consists of many tens of thousands of pages of rich and informative material.

Locating something within such a large website is made easier through the use of this site search. We recomend using the site search whenever you experience difficulty in locating something specific.

Finding collection items

If you wish to conduct a more specialised and focussed search of the National Gallery of Australia's collection using targeted terms, please follow the link below. This takes you to the NGA's collection search which permits fast, detailed searching of the collection database.

Go to the NGA collection search

Other search systems

# Please note: Some specialised sub-sites may exclude the site search box. However, you are always one click from the NGA's homepage and the site search box in the top right corner of the page.