The TT Tsui collection of Chinese ceramics

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Sean Scully 'Omaha Snow Door' 2000 Type C colour photograph, Collection of the National Gallery of Australia Head of an Immortal or official   1368–1644   earthenware Gift to the National Collection of Asian Art from Dr TT Tsui LLD JP, of the Tsui Art Foundation, HK, through the National Gallery of Australia Foundation 1995   more detail

Since earliest times, the ritual of burial has played an important role amongst the people of China. Through the generous gift in 1995 of Chinese art by Dr TT Tsui, the National Gallery of Australia is able to illustrate the complexity and ongoing evolution of these burial rites.

These extraordinary ceramics, which were essential elements of the elaborate funeral rituals of the Chinese emperors and the most powerful members of the aristocracy, demonstrate the skills of the craftsmen and the complexity of Chinese religious beliefs.

A long-time collector of Chinese ceramics, Dr Tsui's gift to the Australian people is one of the most significant made to the Gallery. His generosity has allowed visitors to the Gallery to gain a broader appreciation of China's rich cultural and artistic history. Dr Tsui's support of this website offers a global audience access to these splendid works.

History of Chinese Funerary Ceramics

Burial Rites and Mingqi

Spiritual Beliefs in Ancient China

China and Ceramics

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