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Matyrdom of St Rufina and St Seconda
17th Century
Matyrdom of St Rufina and St Seconda
[Martirio delle Sante Rufina e Seconda ("Quadro delle tre mani")]
c 1625
Oil on canvas
192 x 192 cm  [HxW]
Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano

This rare painting was created by three Mannerist artists from Lombardy. During the 1620s Scipione Torsco from Milan commissioned three artists to paint this dramatic work. Although working simultaneously they concentrated on different parts of the painting. Procaccini painted the figure of St Rufina and the consoling angel on the right. Cerano created the figures on the left, the decapitated St Seconde, the curious dog, the angel and the knight. Morazzone painted the executioner, the rider in shadow and the angel in flight.

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