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View of Piazza San Marco
18th Century
Giovanni Antonio CANALETTO
Born 1697, Died 1768
View of Piazza San Marco
[Veduta della Piazza San Marco]
Oil on canvas
47 x 77.5 cm  [HxW]
Private Collection

Born Venice 1697, Died Venice 1768. He was the most distinguished Italian view painter of the 18th century. Apart from ten years spent in England, he lived in Venice and his fame rests on his views (Vedute) of the city. Some of his paintings are purely topographical; others include ceremonies and events. He also painted imaginary views and the demarcation between the two is sometimes unclear. Even his views, although seemingly almost ‘photographic’ often contained exaggerated elements. Many tourists on their ‘Grand Tour’ of Europe bought his paintings as momentos, a little like modern day postcards.

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