Opaque Counterpoint
Artist BELFRAGE, Clare
Birth 1966, Australia
Title Line Drawings
Date 1998
Medium hand-blown, hand-worked, assembled, lamp worked glass canes applied to surface, acid etched
Dims 46.0 x 10.0 x 10.0cm; 59.0 x 11.0 x 11.0cm
Collection Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery purchased 1999
AccNo 1999.002

The trailed and highly tactile surfaces of Clare Belfrage's tall vessels, with their tight waists and dish-like rims, are variously opaque and transparent. The sooty black work resembles ceramic, such is the completely opaque and matt nature of its surface.

Belfrage applies molten glass threads to the surface of her vessels to suggest closely drawn lines, repeated in simple patterns. They evoke for the artist the spine-like foliage and movement of some Australian plants. The explicit fragility and brittleness of these forms are an effective counterpoint to their spontaneous and lyrical character.






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Line Drawings,  BELFRAGE, Clare; 1998
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Line Drawings,  BELFRAGE, Clare; 1998