Crystal Clarity
Artist DRESSER, Christopher (designer)
Birth 1834, Glasgow, Great Britain
Death 1904, Mulhouse, France
Artist HUKIN & HEATH (manufacturer)
Birth 1855, Birmingham, Great Britain
Death 1904, Birmingham, Great Britain
Title Decanter
Date 1892
Medium glass with silver-plated mounts and ebony handle
Dims 42.0 x 13.4 x 10.0 cm
Collection National Gallery of Australia Purchased 1984
AccNo 84.1081

In the 1850s Christopher Dresser, who had trained as a botanist and as a designer, began to write on the relationship between nature and design, promoting a simple and functional approach to the design of manufactured goods. Following a visit to Japan in 1876, he was strongly influenced by Japanese art and design and incorporated these ideas into his designs for British glass, ceramic, metal and furniture manufacturers.

This glass and silver-plated metal decanter illustrates Dresser's simple, geometric design style. The use of clear glass, framed by minimal bright metal, shows the colour of wine to maximum advantage.






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Jar with bear couple lid,  BERNSTEIN, William; 1973, Crafts Board of the Australia Council Collection 1980
Neckpiece,  COURTNEY, Giselle; 1989
Decanter,  DRESSER, Christopher; HUKIN & HEATH, ; 1892
Fronding Vase,  HALL, Fiona; 1999
Untitled (knife 2),  ROBERTS, Neil; 1984, Funded by Crafts Board, Australia Council
Vase,  ROUSSEAU, François-Eugène; APPERT FRÈRES, ; 1878
holes,  TAKAHASHI, Yoshihiko; 1998, Purchased with the assistance of the Friends of the Gallery
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Decanter,  DRESSER, Christopher; HUKIN & HEATH, ; 1892