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    Scene 1994,  IKEMOTO, Kazumi; 1994
Artist IKEMOTO, Kazumi
Birth 1954, Japan
Title Scene 1994
Date 1994
Place Japan
Medium fired glass enamels, sandblasted, glued, polished
Dims 64.0 x 29.0x 13.0cm
Collection Wagga Wagga Regional Gallery Purchased 1996
AccNo 1996.014

This work is constructed from laminated sheets of glass which are sandblasted to create an effect of icy translucency and painted in enamel pigments. It exemplifies this artist's style, which combines sculptural form with pictorial or painterly imagery. Kazumi Ikemoto is acclaimed for his dynamic and craggy forms that, upon close inspection, reveal intricately painted scenes of hybrid creatures, whimsical landscapes, and distant perspectives.

The artist describes these imaginary vistas as 'a hazy world of memories where past and present coexist'.

Painting glass with enamel pigments (coloured powdered glass) rendered permanent by firing is a traditional technique known to glassmakers for centuries. Ikemoto's enamel painting of fantastic creatures in imaginary landscapes is executed with remarkable precision and reveals a strong graphic imagination.