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    Simultaneous voyage 3,  WILLIAMS, Maureen; 2000
  Inner Worlds
Artist WILLIAMS, Maureen
Birth 1952, Port Pirie, South Australia
Title Simultaneous voyage 3
Date 2000
Place Melbourne, Victoria
Medium glass with vitrified painted decoration
Dims 54.4 x 32.6 x 32.6 cm
Collection National Gallery of Australia Purchased 2000
AccNo 2000.220
  Maureen Williams uses one of the most archetypical forms in glass, the vase, as a vehicle for painterly surface effects. Starting with blown, vortex-like forms, she animates their translucent white surfaces with vigorous gestural marks in vitreous paint. Using the constant action and fluidity inherent in the process of hot-working glass, her painted surfaces create dreamlike abstract imagery, suggesting stormy skies, swirling dust and the shimmer of the dry Australian landscape. Williams' glass sweeps us into its narrative but, like a mirage, remains tantalisingly beyond our visual grasp.