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To find out what's currently on for kids and families, please see What's on for Families

NEW visitor app +
improved Wi-Fi access

Wi-Fi Access

You're very welcome to use our really fast (and free) Wi-Fi network when visiting the Gallery. Wi-Fi is easily setup when you arrive and our friendly staff can help if you need it.

We're also keen for you to share your experiences and thoughts through your favourite social networks and are also developing a new visitor online portal (available soon) that will provide up to the minute information during your visit.

Our App

Our NEW app has a map which can help you find your way around as well as a guide with information about many of the works on display. Feel free to download it before or during you're your visit.

We can give you a run through it too if you'd like to know more or get stuck.

Currently only for apple devices, Android is coming soon.