Family Activity Room

About the room

9 Dec 2011 – 9 April 2012
10.15am - 2.45pm Mon-Fri
10.15am - 4.45pm Sat-Sun + Pub holidays (ACT)

Located within the exhibition, the room is for children aged 3–12 and their families. The family activity room evokes the harmony of classically inspired architecture combined with an interior domestic scene, Carpaccio’s Birth of Mary c.1502–04.

  • Pre-booking is not possible. If the room is full, staff may request a family returns in 10 mins
  • Free of charge upon entry to exhibition.
  • Entry via Room 4 of the exhibition.
  • A children’s audio tour and exhibition trail are also available
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The activities

In this fun and educational room, children aged 3–12 can explore the illusion of one-point perspective, construct and place buildings in a Renaissance landscape and draw themselves in the portrait styles of the period.