The Europeans
Emigré Artists in Australia 1930-1960
Australian prints, drawings, photographs,
posters, sculpture and jewellery

Gerhard Herbst holding his 'Prestige' material, red Bluff

Wolfgang Sievers Designer Gerhard Herbst holding his 'Prestige' material, red Bluff 1950 National Gallery of Australia

The Europeans exhibition recognises the contribution made to the visual arts in Australia by the European émigrés who settled here during the period 1930 to 1960. They brought with them different traditions, values and experiences that, together with the work they produced and the works of art they brought with them, were to have a profound effect on Australian practice, and culture in general.

The selection of works of art for the travelling exhibition will encompass the main themes of the exhibition as originally displayed in Canberra at the National Gallery of Australia, 15 March – 29 June 1997: the internment camp experience; the commitment to integrating art and life; and the public persona of the artist.

The works of art included in the travelling exhibition will comprise drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, textiles, jewellery and graphic design by the following artists: Margaret Michaelis-Sachs, Inge King, Dusan Marek, Erwin Fabian, Ludwig Hirshfield Mack, Bruno Simon, Thomas De Kessler, Vincas Jomantas, Andor Meszaros, Helmut Newton, Victor Vodicka, Ernst Fries, Niina Ratsep, Peter Talacko, Wolfgang Sievers, Gert Sellheim, Vaclovas Ratas, Teisutis Zikaras, Guenter Stein, Julius Kane, Karl Duldig, Henry Salkauskas, Louis Kahan and Udo Sellbach.