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Victory girls Theme: Patriotic Duty

Artist: Albert TUCKER
Birth/Death: 1914–1999

Title: Victory girls

Credit Line: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

‘War, horror and anxiety. In this setting the human figure assumed demonic form.’
Albert Tucker, 1982
For Albert Tucker the Second World War was an experience that violated the social and moral stability of urban Australia. He was disturbed by the live-for-the-day mentality that pervaded the city with the influx of servicemen on leave. Victory girls 1943 presents a grotesque night image of two young women accepting the advances of drunken soldiers. The ironic title refers to both their morals and the colours they are dressed in. The pig like faces of the soldiers and the snarling trap like mouths of the girls indicate the deep sense of personal revulsion Albert Tucker felt for this secondary effect of war.

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