The Know My Name book celebrates art by women from across Australia. With more than 150 artists profiled and texts written by more than 115 women writers, the book aims to highlight the artists and their work and shift assumptions that the histories of art are male dominated. The book is part of a series of ongoing gender equity initiatives by the National Gallery to increase the representation of all women in its artistic program, collection development and organisational structures.

458 pages
235mm x 305mm
full colour

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ISBN: 9780642334879
Published: 2020

Edited by Assistant Director, Artistic Programs Natasha Bullock; Curator, Special Projects, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, Kelli Cole; Head of Australian Art, Deborah Hart and Curator of Australian Art, Elspeth Pitt. Coordinating Editor, Meredith McKendry and Editorial Assistance, Assistant Curator of Australian Art, Yvette Dal Pozzo. Designed by Fabio Ongarato, John Wilson and Lily Hodgson from Studio Ongarato in collaboration with Kristin Thomas, National Gallery of Australia.


Foreword - Natasha Bullock and Nick Mitzevich
Guiding Principles for Gender Equity
Artists (artists and contributors listed below)
Know My Name: Australian Women Artists 1900 to Now by Deborah Hart
I Remember, They Remember, We Remember by Elspeth Pitt
Jess Johnson & Simon Ward Discuss Terminus by Jaklyn Babington
The Body Electric: Images of Desire by Anne O'Hehir
Listen to the Music of the Other: Angelica Mesiti ASSEMBLY by Juliana Engberg
Patricia Piccinini Speaks About Skywhales: Every Heart Sings by Jaklyn Babington
From Little Things Big Things Grow: Tjanpi Desert Weavers by Kelli Cole

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Micky Allan
by Janine Burke

Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori
by Tina Baum

Tracey Moffatt
by Natalie King

Jean Baptiste (Pulukatu) Apuatimi
by Margie West

Rosalie Gascoigne
by Deborah Hart

Mirka Mora
by Kendrah Morgan

Yvonne Audette
by Beckett Rozentals

Marea Gazzard
by Rebecca Edwards

Doreen Reid Nakamarra
by Tina Baum

Nyukana Baker
by Mary-Lou Nugent

Simryn Gill
by Naomi Cass

Dorothy Napangardi
by Paris Norton

Del Kathryn Barton
by Julie Ewington

Agnes Goodsir
by Karen Quinlan

by Beatrice Gralton

Clarice Beckett
by Jennifer Higgie

Agatha Gothe-Snape
by Hannah Mathews

Ann Newmarch
by Julie Robinson

Vivienne Binns
by Virginia Fraser

Julie Gough
by Mary Knights

Rose Nolan
by Sally Foster

Dorrit Black
by Lara Nicholls

Elizabeth Gower
by Anja Loughhead

Susan Norrie
by Kelly Gellatly

Elise Blumann
by Simeran Maxwell

Lola Greeno
by Zoe Rimmer

Lena Nyadbi
by Margie West

Boomalli Aboriginal Artists' Co-operative
by Bronwyn Bancroft

Joan Grounds
by Yvette Dal Pozzo

Mel O'Callaghan
by Elyse Goldfinch

Stella Bowen
by Lola Wilkins

GW Bot
by Yvette Dal Pozzo

Bronwyn Oliver
by Hannah Fink

Joan Brassil
by Susan Best

Fiona Hall
by Julie Ewington

Margaret Olley
by Christine France

Pat Brassington
by Juliana Engberg

Barbara Hanrahan
by Maria Zagala

Raquel Ormella
by Rebecca Coates

Lauren Brincat
by Talia Linz

Gwyn Hanssen Piggott
by Sarina Noordhuis-Fairfax

Jill Orr
by Anne Marsh

Florence Broadhurst
by Anne-Marie Van de Ven

Melinda Harper
by Carolyn Barnes

Ewa Pachucka
by Susan Best

Frances (Budden) Phoenix
by Alison Alder

Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro
by Beatrice Gralton

Klytie Pate
by Emma Busowsky Cox

Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley
by Victoria Perin

Louise Hearman
by Nicola Teffer

Rosslynd Piggott
by Jane Devery

Barbara Campbell
by Jacqueline Millner

Mona Hessing
by Grace Cochrane

Kerrie Poliness
by Carolyn Barnes

Cressida Campbell
by Anne Ryan

Joy Hester
by Denise Mimmocchi

Margaret Preston
by Deborah Edwards

Maria Fernanda Cardoso
by Rachel Kent

Nora Heysen
by Catherine Speck

Thea Proctor
by Lara Nicholls

Ethel Carrick
by Emma Kindred

Margel Hinder
by Denise Mimmocchi

r e a
by Genevieve Greives

Dora Chapman
by Margaret Worth

Joyce Hinterding
by Sarina Noordhuis-Fairfax

Jacky Redgate
by Helen Ennis

Maree Clarke
by Kimberley Moulton

Carol Jerrems
by Anne O'Hehir

Hilda Rix Nicholas
by Anna Gray

Barbara Cleveland
by Bree Richards

Helen Johnson
by Claire G Coleman

Freda Robertshaw
by Sally Quin

Sarah Contos
by Jaklyn Babington

Narelle Jubelin
by Susan Best

Romance Was Born
by Jaklyn Babington

Grace Cossington Smith
by Deborah Hart

Mabel Juli
by Carly Lane

Joan Ross
by Emma Kindred

Olive Cotton
by Helen Ennis

Kitty Kantilla (Kutuwalumi Purawarrumpatu)
by Judith Ryan

Caroline Rothwell
by Anne Loxley

Brenda L. Croft
by Hetti Perkins

Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson
by Rebecca Evans

Julie Rrap
by Victoria Lynn

Grace Crowley
by Elena Taylor

Ken Family Collaborative; Freda Brady, Sandra Ken, Tjungkaraken Ken, Paniny Mick, Maringka Tunkin, Tingila Yaritji Young
by Lisa Slade

Yhonnie Scarce
by Tina Baum

Philippa Cullen
by Diana Baker Smith

Inge King
by Jane Eckett

Sally Smart
by Liz Nowell

Janet Cumbrae Stewart
by Juliette Peers

Emily Kame Kngwarreye
by Kelli Cole

Gemma Smith
by Julie Ewington

Elisabeth Cummings
by Sioux Garside

Yvonne Koolmatrie
by Freja Carmichael

Ethel Spowers
by Cathy Leahy

Virginia Cuppaidge
by Una Rey

Vida Lahey
by Juliette Peers

Robyn Stacey
by Alice Clanachan

Anne Dangar
by Rebecca Edwards

Rosemary Laing
by Victoria Lynn

Miriam Stannage
by Lee Kinsella

Janet Dawson
by Angela Goddard

Pat Larter
by Diana Baker Smith

Madonna Staunton
by Elspeth Pitt

eX de Medici
by Yvette Dal Pozzo

Janet Laurence
by Rachel Kent

Violet Teague
by Jane Clarke

Destiny Deacon & Virginia Fraser
by Magdalene Keaney

Lindy Lee
by Anne O'Hehir

Kathy Temin
by Geraldine Barlow

Karla Dickens
by Tina Baum

Fiona Lowry
by Geraldine Barlow

by Judith Ryan

Margaret Dodd
by Susan Charlton

Erica McGilchrist
by Linda Short

Esme Timbery
by Genevieve O’Callaghan

Julie Dowling
by Carol Dowling

Queenie McKenzie
by Hannah Presley

Aida Tomescu
by Angela Goddard

Lynda Draper
by Rebecca Edwards

Marie McMahon
by Anna Zagala

Jessie Traill
by Jo Oliver

Mikala Dwyer
by Helen Hughes

Shirley MacNamara
by Katina Davidson

Savanhdary Vongpoothorn
by Bronwyn Campbell

Bonita Ely
by Alex Martinis Roe

Bea Maddock
by Elspeth Pitt

Christian Waller
by Emma Busowsky Cox

Mary Featherston
by Denise Whitehouse

Marion Mahony Griffin
by Marina Warner

Jenny Watson
by Sally Brand

Anne Ferran
by Anne O'Hehir

Hilarie Mais
by Manya Sellers

Judy Watson
by Louise Martin-Chew

Janet Fieldhouse
by Katherine Russell

Noŋgirrŋa Marawili
by Tina Baum

Justene Williams
by Lucina Ward

Emily Floyd
by Anne Loxley

Dr B. Marika
by Ellen van Neerven

Margaret Worth
by Mary Eagle

Fiona Foley
by Marina Tyquiengco

Linda Marrinon
by Charlotte Day

Judith Wright
by Geraldine Barlow

Sue Ford
by Maggie Finch

Helen Maudsley
by Pip Wallis

Lena Yarinkura
by Michelle Culpitt and Lena Yarinkura

Mari Funaki
by Jane Devery

Sanné Mestrom
by Lisa Slade

Nyapanyapa Yunupiŋgu
by Tina Baum

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