On average, a visitor spends 17 seconds or less looking at an individual work of art. Slow Art Day encourages a more contemplative approach to art and is celebrated in over 150 galleries throughout the world. The Slow Art website includes a full list of cities who are participating.

Enjoy highlights from the national collection and give them the attention they deserve. Participants are invited to join the group for a lively facilitated discussion after the viewing.


Saturday 9 April 2016


Slow Art Canberra 2016
Book here to participate in the facilitated Slow Art experience at the NGA. You are also free to come to the Gallery whenever you like and create your own Slow Art experience.


Choose works from the list and decide how long you would like to spend looking at each one. We are asking that everyone who is participating looks at either Anselm Kiefer's Abendland (Twilight of the West) 1989 and/or Kate Just's Bounday (LOVE) 2004 so that we have some common discussion points.

Of course we invite you to also look at the other works selected if you have the time. View our Map of the Gallery or pick up one at the front desk.


Please come to the National Gallery of Australia between 1.00pm and 4.00pm. Look at your selected works of art for at least 10 minutes each. Or challenge yourself and try to look for longer. At 3.00pm, join us in the Small Theatre for a discussion about your experiences.

You might like to consider

Bringing a notepad or sketch pad with drawing pencils. The Tate has produced some resources that may assist with sustained contemplation of individual works of art and may be particularly useful for first time Slow Art goers.

Please note

There will be stools available for Slow Art participants at the front desk near the main entrance.

They will be clearly labelled with a Slow Art sign. Please feel free to take a stool with you, but remember to be mindful of works of art when moving through the galleries.

IMPORTANT: food and drink are not allowed in the Gallery spaces.


Please call 02 6240 6524


Richard Bell Big brush stroke 2005

Lee Krasner Untitled 1953

Ken and Julia Yonetani The Last Supper 2014. On display at NGA Contemporary

Kasimir Malevich Stroyuschiysya dom [House under construction] 1915-16

Anselm Kiefer Abendland (Twilight of the West) 1989

Kate Just Boundary (LOVE) 2004

Mewar kingdom, Rajasthan, India, Udaipur Maharana Jawan Singh hunting c. 1830