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The Visitation
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16th Century
Born 1518 Italy, Died 1594
The Visitation
[La Visitazione]
Oil on canvas
160 x 236 cm  [HxW]
Scuola di San Rocco, Venezia

Born Venice 1519, Died Venice 1594. He was the most prolific painter working in Venice in the later 16th century. In his early career he struggled for recognition and was never accepted by the leading aristocratic families of Venice. The swift, abbreviated style that characterises much of his work was often seen to be a result of carelessness or speed. He worked on decorations for the Doge’s Palace and for the meeting-house of the Scuola Grande di Rocco. In addition to his religious and mythological works, Jacopo also painted many portraits of prominent Venetians.

Work Detail
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