Mantua Nangala
Various works

Creation date: 2019–21

These paintings depict Mantua Nangala’s intimate connection with Country and stories about her homelands.

Using a fine dotting technique, Nangala’s immense canvases evoke the tali (rolling sand dunes) of her Country in the area surrounding Kiwirrkurra, Western Australia. The vast scale of the Gibson Desert is captured through a unique optical technique that makes the paintings appear to shimmer before the viewer’s eyes, suggesting the play of light and wind across the sand’s surface.

These images of Country are filled with Tjukurrpa (ancestral stories) that have been passed down over many generations. Among the stories are the journeys that the ancestral Kanaputa women took through Nangala’s Country, travelling eastwards through the significant women’s sites of Mukula, Marrapinti and Yunala.

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Mantua Nangala on her works in Ceremony