Andrew Snelgar
Various works

Creation date: 2021
Location: Gallery 12

Artist Andrew Snelgar on his works in Ceremony

My designs are inspired by the places that I go to and the Country that I visit. The traditional designs and patterns were handed down to me by different people. When I make the objects, I’m guided a lot by the Country and by the environment. And I believe that there’s still a lot of song in Country. It’s been taken away, or they’ve tried to take it away through dispossession of land and peoples, but those songs and stories are still there. And if you listen, you can hear them. That’s what I try to listen for. I try and get a good sense of that area that I’m in, whatever Country it is, and the song that’s attached to it. And then, by extension, the song is attached to the items that come from that land.

— Andrew Snelgar, 2021

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