Joel Bray
Giraaru Galing Gaanhagirri

Creation date: 2022
Location: Gallery 7

Artist Joel Bray on Giraaru Galing Gaanhagirri

‘Giraaru galing ganhaagirri’ has a kind of poetry to it. It has alliteration that I love and it means ‘the wind will bring rain’. Sometimes when I know a storm has come down through Wiradjuri Country, crossed over the Murray River down to Naarm, down to Kulin Country, I’ll go and stand outside in that storm and let the water pour over me. It’s a way of connecting with my Country, especially during the lockdown, in this visceral, corporeal, real way. Not only is there this recognition that there are these cycles in Country, but you carry them with you in memory.

— Joel Bray, 2021

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